Family Farming 


Dreamed of for years but started in 2020, First Draft Farms is a collective between siblings. Lindsey and Bill of Ffog Farm and Katy and Alex of Boomflower Farm joined together to farm across 40 acres in southern Minnesota. We believe that food tastes better when you know where it comes from and it is possible to make great products without harming the earth. All of our products are inspired by combining powerful natural ingredients and low waste solutions. 


Meet the Family


In 2016, Lindsey and Bill bought their first farm, the original First Draft Farm, raising laying hens and a small kitchen garden. In 2017, Katy joined the farm and dreams expanded to include 3 Icelandic sheep. Lindsey’s younger brother Alex became a more permanent fixture in 2018 and the concept of collective farming began to form. 2019 brought the most welcome addition: baby Allaster! Lindsey and Bill had their first child join their family. 

2020 brought the most change. The farm raised 150 broiler chickens, 68 laying hens, 8 Muscovy ducks, 10 Icelandic sheep, and 4 horses. We offered a vegetable CSA, flower bouquets, and developed a skin care and home goods product line. Katy and Alex married in 2020 and shortly after moved to their 20 acre farm, Boomflower Farm. Bill, Lindsey, and Allaster moved shortly after onto 20 acres themselves, starting Ffog Farm. Together, the First Draft Farms Collective was established. 

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